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I am a young dreamer, in love with adventures, easily excited with beautiful things around, compelling me to notice, capture, and share. Naturally.

Art has always in my core heart, although I used to think I could write code or tuck in the shirt being professional. When I was little my father introduced me seeing the world through the lens of a camera, while not until my husband put a digital camera in my hand did the proverbial bug bites my photography nerves. Then, I started to dream in the clouds while he stands on the ground. I soon discovered the artsy photographic part of me, so I decided to embrace and unfold that part. Now, I feel stronger and stronger everyday that – this is meant to be.

I love every aspect of photography: carry a tripod to amazing places just to wait for the magic moments; tell a story of people being who they are and doing what they love; and discover artistic moments among the seemingly nothingness. For everything I do, I enjoy being in the moment. I pinch myself every morning. I am grateful for every moment I am given.

I invite you to connect with me in the following ways: be friend with me, become a fan of Honeynhero Photography, or drop me a line via erika@honeynherophotography.com.




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