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inspired by fashion

I’ve become obsessed with and particularly keen on two things: First, capturing fleeting moments; Second, taking portraits in the golden light among picturesque scenery. I’m constantly longing for going out to take photos, a scene, a picture or even a song could spark my imagination for all kinds of photo projects I want to do.

Luckily, I inspired my husband interests in partnering with me on this east bay mountain top photo shoot! For this photo project, I had in my mind 3 types lighting I want to do, which is basically all I can utilize from the sun and available light condition: 1) high sun light angled front straight on me against a layered mountain range to create a contrast dramatic look; 2) low sun light from my side back against a softer backdrop to create the popular back-lit look with a little bit rim hair light; 3) even light at dusk, but preserve the sunset color in the sky as backdrop. We scout out this amazing location, I directed a little bit and jumped in the frame. I am so happy and thankful that Sean snapped these beautiful photos for me. Top off that, we ended with a gorgeous sunset after glow towards the end of the shoot and I got my sunset color in the backdrop!  He also reminded me how much I “love” being in front of the camera as well!

For this photo shoot, I was inspired by a few fashion photography work I admire, and I already have my next photo project in mind. Stay tuned!




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