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Portraits of Yi

Pictures have the magic power that they bring you back to the time when they are taken. These portraits are taken on rolls of Fuji 400H film in the spring early this year, but I haven’t got them developed until recently. When I picked up the photos, they brought me back the memories and times back then. It occurred to me that I come here to share some personal updates during my absence from this blog, and start to resume posting photos and words from now on. (I have so many photos to share later on…)

In the beginning of this year, I was putting so much hard work into job hunting that I needed a break. As a result, I spent a quaint weekend in Aptos beach. I picked up my camera after I had put down for two month because of job hunting, asked my friend Yi to take a walk on the beach. We chat about many things in life and encouraged each other, and then I snapped these portraits of her. It was such a lovely time together, and these photos shot on the film just made the memories even more special.

The hard work turned into a good result. I have started working full time since April and I really enjoy what I do and look forward to the future. At the same time on the side, I am busy more than ever on the weekends fulfilling my artistic dream – traveling to beautiful places to document weddings and love stories.

This is what I have been up to for now. The transition seemed so smooth that it felt like it was meant to be. I feel happy, content and grateful. Later on, I can’t wait to share so many photography works I’ve been working on. To top it off, I am excited for the Washington and Kauai trip in November and December to mark a perfect period to my wonderful 2014!

YiChing-Fuji 400H film scan (1)

YiChing-Fuji 400H film scan (3)

YiChing-Fuji 400H film scan (2)


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